Nista SVIP-AC Access Control System

Nista SVIP-AC Access Control System
Nista SVIP-AC Access Control System

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This door access control unit allows voice and video communication as well as door control in multiple company branches, which are operated within single IP network.
Nista IP access control units offer a revolutionary new design concept that incorporates a backward facing speaker where the sound is ported to sound vents on the side of the unit.
On arrival, visitors will press the call button and the unit will dial an extension, a group of extensions or mobile phone.
This will enable an operator to activate the door release, allowing the visitor access to the premises.​



Touch sensitive
The unit has a cast alloy body with aluminium front and supports touch sensitive piezo technology.
Supports video calls
The unit has integral, onboard camera that offers H263/4 video streaming.
Hidden speaker
The unit supports rear facing speaker with porting holes.
The unit supports a digital display, that can be programmed to show a welcome message and caller ID.
Lock release
The unit can be connected to lock release mechanisms/gates to control access via the telephone handset using DTMF tones.
Password protected
The unit is password protected to prevent access to the unit's programming and configuration.
Easy to program
The unit is user programmable via web-based graphical user interface (GUI).



Signalling protocol  
Button format Touch sensitive with black coloured numbers for keypad
Number of ring buttons 1
Micraphone 1 inbuilt bottom mounted
Speaker Rear mounted
Camera Inbuilt IP
Resolution 720p
Power requirements 5VDC 2A or POE+
Release contacts Relay NO/NC
Mechanical properties  
Dimensions 182x95x33 mm
Constructions Cast alloy body with an aluminium front
Mount style Surface








The unit can be installed by our experienced engineers as required. Request your free survey and quote by emailing
Name plate
The unit can be upgraded with name plate.



12 months back to base warranty as standard
Costs for additional maintenance cover can be provided upon application



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